Install CBB for Linux on Synology NAS (Docker)


  • Synology or QNAP NAS with x86/x64 CPU architecture only. NAS devices with ARM CPU is NOT supported.
  • Internet access from NAS device.
  • Whitelist NAS IP address and Docker Ubuntu container IP address in network firewall/gateway/proxy.
  • Generated Backup for Ubuntu build in MBS portal.

Install Docker and create a container

  1. Login to your NAS and open Package Center

  1. Search for Docker. Click Install.

  1. Click Open when the installation is finished.

  1. Open Registry. Search for Ubuntu systemd in the search bar. Select Ubuntu-upstart image in the list and click Download button.

  1. Make sure that "latest" tag is selected. Click Select button.

  1. Navigate to Image. Click the Launch button.

  1. Specify Container Name. Click Advanced Settings button.

  1. Select Volume Tab.

Now we need to mount data folders which you want to backup. They will be available in R/W mode inside the container. Select the local folder and specify the mount path. Click Apply button.

File/Folder - select folder NAS folderMount path - mount path inside the container. Specify /NASFolderName

  1. Most of backup agent functions/settings can be managed via MBS portal. In some cases, you can manage backup agent via Web Access. To be able to connect to Web Access ports, you need to forward connections from NAS ports to container ports.

Go to Port Settings tab and add the following ports.

  1. Review container settings and click Apply button.

  1. Select Container tab and check that Docker container up and running.

Install CloudBerry Backup for Linux agent.

  1. Navigate to Container page. Select the recently created container and click Details button.

  1. Select Terminal tab.

  1. Run the following commands to install the required components.
apt-get update
apt-get install -y wget libglib2.0-0 dbus
  1. Go to MBS portal and copy Backup for Ubuntu build link.

  1. Download your Backup for Ubuntu build by the following command. Change generic build link by copied one in the command.
  1. Install downloaded build by the commands below. Change generic backup file name by your own.
dpkg --add-architecture amd64
dpkg -i ubuntu14_XXXXX_OnlineBackup_vXXXX_.deb

Login with the backup user to MBS portal.

  1. Go to
  2. Open RMM -> Remote Management page.

  1. Click at "Add user account" link.

  1. Select proper backup user in user account field.

  1. Create a backup plan and select the mapped folder.

Editing mounted folders

Sometimes, additional folders need to be mounted or old one removed.

  1. Stop the container

  1. Click the "Edit" button to open container setting. Apply changes.

  1. Start the container.

  1. If the backup agent is not online in the MBS portal, start the Online-backup services by the following commands.
service online-backup start
service online-backupRM start
service online-backupWA start

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