VMware Permissions for MSP360 (CloudBerry) Backup

Issue Description

You may want to use a dedicated user to run CloudBerry Backup with your VMWare infrastucture.

Resolve the Issue

Following is the explicit list of vCenter permissions to backup and restore VMs using MSP360 (Backup) VM Edition.

For Backup:

  • Read-Only Privilege
  • Global.Enable methods
  • Global.Disable methods
  • Global.Licenses
  • Global.Cancel Task
  • Global.Log Event
  • Virtual machine.Provisioning.Allow read-only disk access
  • Virtual machine.Provisioning.Allow virtual machine download
  • Virtual machine.Snapshot management.Create snapshot
  • Virtual machine.Snapshot management.Remove snapshot

For restore:

  • Datastore.Allocate space
  • Folder.Create folder
  • Network.Assign network
  • Resource.Assign virtual machine to resource pool
  • Virtual machine.Configuration (All)
  • Virtual machine.Inventory.Create new
  • Virtual machine.Inventory.Move
  • Virtual machine.Inventory.Register
  • Virtual machine.Inventory.Unregister
  • Virtual machine.Inventory.Remove
  • Virtual machine.Interaction.Backup Operations On Virtual Machine
  • Virtual machine.Interaction.Device Connection
  • Virtual machine.Interaction.Power On
  • Virtual machine.Interaction.Power Off
  • Virtual machine.Provisioning.Allow disk access
  • Virtual machine.Provisioning.Allow virtual machine files upload
  • Tasks.CreateTask
  • Tasks.UpdateTask

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