Errors and Warnings
Cannot locate specified files
Repository Explained
One or More Files Are EFS-encrypted on File-level Backup
Back Up EFS-encrypted Objects Using SYSTEM Account (code 1602)
Counting requests for every backup plan
How to Upgrade CloudBerry Backup License
Local repository migration to a different location
Local repository synchronization after custom mode backup
Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Required
The specified path and/or filename are too long
One or More Backup Paths do not Exist
Warning. One or more backup paths do not exist 2
Block-Level Backup Explained
How to Increase Upload Speed
Eliminating VSS Error 8194 from Event Log
VSS Error EventID: 8193 from the Event Log (Cannot find anymore diff area candidates for volume)
Scheduled monitoring of Windows service status
Cannot Create the Snapshot (code 2409)
VSS Error 8194: Access Denied
Cannot Apply The GFS Marker (code 2518)
Ransomware Protection Removed
How to create a dump file of a process when the backup freezes
Backup Service in Windows
Eliminating VSS Error HRESULT: 0x80042318
Certificate Issues
System Time Issues (code 3000)
Displaying Obsolete Storage Destinations
Access Denied (code 1610)
Export Restore to VMDK/VHDX as a Backup Chain to IBB/VMware/Hyper-V Plan
Device is not Ready
Access Violation Error (code 1605)
Error 503 Server Unavailable
Database Image is Malformed
Missing Files After Latest Version Validity Check (code 1021)
The System or Provider Has Insufficient Storage Space (code 0000)
Maintenance Is Displayed as Expired Even Maintenance Renewal is Purchased
Unique Constraint Failed (code 1022)
The Specified Backup Size Limit is Exceeded (code 1501)
Error on Creating VSS Snapshot (code 1508)
Login Format Is Invalid
Activation Failed (code 1034)
Product Total Size limit
Files with Encrypted Filenames are not Displayed in Restore-Only Mode
Cost Estimates Cannot Be Modified
File and Folder Structure in STND Backup Destination
Login Format is Invalid
Access Denied to Network Resources (codes 1609, 1611)
Unauthorized Changes Were Detected (code 1013)
Number of Connections is Exceeded (error 1031)
Storage Account Credentials are Invalid or Missing (code 1032)
New Backup Format is Not Supported (code 1515)
Item-Level Restore of Windows Deduplication Volumes
Too Long Names (code 1620)
Access to the Local Destination Was Denied (code 1609)
Utilizing Fiddler to collect captures for troubleshooting
Backup VM Edition Licensing Policy Explained
Backup in 32-bit Windows Versions
A Required Privilege Is Not Held By a Client (code 1621)
Consistency Check Issues (codes 2500 - 2511)
Consistency Check Warnings (code 2503, 2504, 2505)
A Full Backup Runs Instead Of Synthetic (codes 1519-1521)
Cannot Back Up. The Storage Account You Are Trying To Back Up Is in the Restore Only Mode (code 1402)
Access Denied (S3 Storage) (code 3013)
Backup Storage Error (code 3016)
Cannot Back up. Native Multipart Upload Must Be Enabled for This Backup Format (code 2519)
Listing system and hidden files of the backup source directory
Using Windows Error Reporting to Collect Crash Dumps of the Backup Components
Collecting Traffic Logs via Wireshark