Annual Subscription Model. Frequently Asked Questions

As of December 1, 2021, MSP360 changes the CloudBerry Backup licensing policy from a perpetual (one-time fee) license to the annual subscription model

Find the answers to questions asked by users:

Q: Which products will annual subscription apply to?

A: Only part of CloudBerry product editions will be moved to annual subscription model:

  • Backup for Windows Desktop Edition
  • Backup for WindowsServer Edition
  • Backup for Windows Ultimate Edition
  • Backup for Windows SQL Server Edition
  • Backup for Windows Virtual Machine Edition
  • VM socket

CloudBerry Backup for macOS and Linux as well as CloudBerry Explorer and CloudBerry Drive will still have perpetual licenses.

Q: I already own CloudBerry Backup perpertual license. Is my license valid after December 1,2021?

A: Yes

The subscription model will be applied for new purchases only. Existing one-time fee (perpetual) licenses will stay active along with the possibility to purchase the annual maintenance

Q: I already own CloudBerry Backup perpetual license. Can I purhcase more perpetual licenses?

A: No

Any additional licenses for existing CloudBerry Backup customers will be sold under the new subscription model only.

Q: I started using the trial version before December 1, 2021. Am I able to purchase a perpetual license since the subscription model is not suitable for me?

A: Yes

If your CloudBerry Backup free trial was started before December 1, 2021, and you are not satisfied with the new licensing policy, you still can purchase the perpetual license till December 31, 2021. This option will become unavailable after December 31, 2021.

Q: Can I purchase a monthly subscription?

A: No

Only an annual subscription is available.

Q: Can I upgrade to Managed Backup with a discount having CloudBerry Backup annual subscription?

A: Yes

CloudBerry Backup customers willing to upgrade to Managed Backup will be offered credit worth 100% of the remaining subscription.