Utilizing Fiddler to collect captures for troubleshooting

In some situations, our Support team will ask you to gather a Fiddler to capture in order to troubleshoot a network related issue. Here’s a step-by-step guide that will guide you through this procedure.

First, you will want to download Fiddler here: https://www.telerik.com/download/fiddler

Once the download is complete, please install Fiddler by following the simple installation wizard steps.

Backup Agent pre-settings

Before opening the Fiddler application please change the Service Account to the one that you used to login in Windows:

And change the Proxy setting in your Backup Agent to this one:

Fiddler settings

Open Fiddler and click Cancel if there is a prompting message. Proceed to Tools - Options:

Proceed to HTTPS tab and check Decrypt HTTPS traffic option:

Click Yes every time you are prompted

After that select "...from non-browsers only" and click on <client>;ssl3;tls1.0 next to the Protocols:

Please add tls1.1;tls1.2 to the end of the line. It should end up looking like this. Click OK and then click OK again to save these settings:

Check that these protocols were added to the line:

Click on the black X mark to empty capture list:

In addition to that, please change the filter to non-browser in the left lower corner like so:

Run the backup

Please proceed to the Backup Agent:

and click on Advanced Settings:

Click Yes for all certificate pop-ups

Saving Captured sessions

With Fiddler running, please restart your backup plan. Once the backup plan has run its course, if it is still presenting you with errors or warnings, please go to Fiddler - File - Save - All Sessions:

Select a location to save the Capture Archive and send us the generated .saz file as an attachment (or upload it to a resource of your choosing and send us the download link).