Backup Plan in Legacy Backup Format Remains in Progress


A backup plan remains in progress without any error message in case of multiple files to back up


In case this issue persists, it generally means that one of the following reasons have occurred:

  • Millions files to back up
  • The repository is huge because of the many files to back up


The following solutions are awailable:

  1. Switch to new backup format.
    • Stop this legacy plan and create the backup plan in new backup format for the same scope.
    • Proceed with backup plan wizard to configure new plan settings.
    • Run the new backup plan.
    • After successful backup completion, edit the legacy backup plan.
    • Select No schedule option on the Schedule step to prevent the legacy backup plan runs.
  2. Keep legacy backup plan with regular shrinking(reduction) of repository size. The repository is a database that contains aggregated data on user activities. To shrink the repository database, proceed as follows:
    • Click Tools.
    • In the horizontal bar, click Options.

  1. In the Options property box, switch to the Repository tab.
  2. Click Shrink Database button

Note that database shrinking may take some time. In case of multiple files it is recommended to repeat this operation regularly

After the database shrinking is complete, run the backup plan again.