Generation Without Valid Restore Points (code 2527)
Shadow Copy Provider Error: The System Cannot Find the File Specified (code 2400)
Error On Starting COM Service (code 2401)
EFS-encrypted Files Skipped (code 1627)
EFS-encrypted Files Were Detected (code 1624)
A Critical Component Required By the Volume Shadow Copy Service is Not Registered (code 2402)
An Error Occurred While Writing Data to Physical Disk (code 2403)
VSS System Writer Does Not Have Permissions To Read The Service Account (code 2404)
The Volume Shadow Copy Service Failed to Start (code 2405)
The Service Cannot Start. Operation Is Timed Out (code 2406)
C++ 2010 Redistributable Missing or Corrupted (code 1512)
Unexpected Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) Error Has Occurred (code 2407)
Access Denied. No Sufficient Permissions (code 2408)
Cannot Delete Some Multiparts (code 3021)
No Access to VSS Service Is Granted (code 2410)
VSS Writer Is Not Registered (code 2413)
An Error Occurred While Loading A Certificate for STARTTLS (code 2414)
An Error Occurred While Creating the Shadow Copy Provider COM Class (code 2415)
An Error Occurred While Calling A Routine on A Shadow Copy Provider (code 2416)
Shadow Copy Creation Period Is Exceeded (code 2417)
Shadow Copy Commit Timeout (code 2418)
VSS Writer Timeout (code 2419)
Cannot Retrieve Disk Information (code 2420)
Virtual Machine Management Service Error (code 2421)
Unexpected Error (code 2422)
Hybrid/Non-Hybrid Errors (codes 1524, 1525, 1526, 1527, 2600, 2601)
VSS Error. The System Cannot Find The File Specified
Immutability Is Disabled (code 2524)
The Plan Type Is Not Supported (code 1406)