EFS-encrypted Files Were Detected (code 1624)


A file backup plan terminates with the following warning message: EFS-encrypted files were detected (code 1624). EFS-encrypted files were found in the backup source and were skipped. To back up EFS-encrypted files, a full backup is required


Some files in the backup source are EFS-encrypted and the Keep EFS encryption option is selected, and the incremental backup attempt was performed. The mechanism of backing up EFS-encrypted files 'as is' (encrypted) requires a full backup.


Force full backup.

  1. Switch to the Backup Plans tab.
  2. Find the plan that produced the warning, expand the plan execution control (the play button) and select Force Full Backup.

  1. Continue with incremental backups.

The EFS-encrypted files are marked with a lock sign in their icons. To check encryption status, right-click on the file, then select Properties. Click Advanced. If the Encrypt contents to secure data check box is selected, the file is EFS-encrypted