Warning. One or more backup paths do not exist


Your backup job run as scheduled. But by some reasons you received the notification with the message: “Warning. One or more backup paths don’t exist”.

Suggestions and Resolutions

1. First reason - the human factor:

You set up the backup plan, select files/folders that you want to backup on the source step, saved backup plan and go ahead. But then, by some reasons, some directories/folders/files have been deleted by someone. And just don’t exist. Therefore, the software can not find them.

2. Second reason - your permission settings:

Users might not backup only local files. Documents that located on network shares can be in the list. So, make sure that the account under which the service (CloudBerry backup service) is up and running and/or the PC itself have enough rights to backup files that selected on the source step.

By default CloudBerry backup service is up and running under Local System Account. Commonly, this account doesn’t have right permissions for backing up files.

Local system account is a computer record. Therefore, if you go to the file/folder security options - you can add your computer there and re-run backup then.

How to determine which paths are no longer exist:

  • check your diagnostic information (log files). Probably should be switched in High level
  • in the agent, on tab “History”, filter by “files” and in the list you’ll find which files have been skipped
  • liaise with our support team or solutions architects

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