Maintenance Is Displayed as Expired Even Maintenance Renewal is Purchased

The standalone licenses are one-time purchase. Be aware that maintenance package which includes free upgrades and support is purchased separately. Both maintenance and standalone licenses are managed via the Cloudberry Central portal.

Cloudberry Central portal can be used for offline activation as well

Annual maintenance is automatically added to the cart upon the first purchase and includes free upgrades and priority support. The cost of the maintenance is 20% of the license it is attached to. Refer to the product and mainetanance list by visiting the following URL:

To Learn More About Maintenance in General

To Assign a Maintenance License Purchased Using a Different Email Address



The maintenance renewal was purchased, but the new maintenance has not been appended to the license and the application diplays the message that maintenance has expired.


Attach the Maintenance License

  1. To attach the maintenance license, go to the Attach Maintenance page.
  2. Specify the purchase ID and email address used for maintenance license purchase, then click Attach Maintenance.
  3. For changes take effect, in the Help menu, select About, then click Update License.

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