No Access to VSS Service Is Granted (code 2410)


A backup plan terminates with the following warning: No access to VSS service is granted

The event log contains the following ID: 8240 and the following records: Volume Shadow Copy Service error: Failed resolving account spsearch with status 1376. Check connection to domain controller and VssAccessControl registry key.


SBS 2011 Standard Edition installs SharePoint 2010 Foundation in SharePoint farm mode. The accounts SharePoint farm and SharePoint search are used as service accounts for some of the SharePoint services. To be able to utilize the VSS writers, the accounts must be granted access to VSS. The accounts are added by SBS to the VssAccessControl registry key but the VSS service fails to locate the accounts.

You can ignore these warnings. The warnings don't affect the operation of VSS. If you wish to remove the warnings, proceed to the Solution paragraph.


Follow Microsoft best practices to work around the case.

Note that the procedures above can be changed by Microsoft. Use the link below to ensure the recommendations are up to date

Refer to the VSS warnings in the Application Event log of SBS 2011 Standard chapter at