VMware Plan Configuration Returns Wrong FQDN When Configuring Plan


CloudBerry Backup VM edition is agentless solution and designed to work with VMware Virtual Machines. Our VM edition is not that mature, so the main position of this product is decent VM archiving. When you configure backup plan and it returns wrong FQDN even you enter IP. This actually returned by VMware API for Data Protection (VADP) and CloudBerry does not handle this accordingly. When your VMware nodes are not part of the domain they may have wrong host files configured.


This can be resolved by the following workaround:

Navigate to:


Add new line with: IP_address of your VMware farm FQDN, e.g.: vmware.domain

ipconfig / flushdns may be required.



[... something else...] fiji.cloud.local

Check if you can nslookup your IP and it touches your FQDN, ping it to see if it returns ICMP. Configure your plan.

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