Master Database Skipped (code 1808)


An MS SQL backup plan terminates with the following info message: Master database was skipped. Differential backup type cannot be applied for Master DB.


A restriction of differential backup for master database was applied.

MS SQL Server does not allow any other type of backup operation except full backup to be performed on master database.


For master database backup, use a full backup.

In case you want to keep your settings for differential backups, in the backup plan that produced this error, proceed as follows:

  1. Edit the backup plan.
  2. Follow the backup wizard step to the Select databases step.
  3. Exclude the master database from the list of databases to back up.
  4. Follow the backup wizard to the end and save the backup plan configuration.
  5. Create a new backup plan for the master database. To learn how to do it, refer to the Microsoft SQL Server Backup section of the help documentation.
  6. On the Schedule step, select the Recurring (advanced schedule) option.
  7. Specify the schedule settings. Do not specify any schedule for the differential backup, only for full.
  8. Finish the backup wizard to save the backup plan for the master database backup.