Not Enough Space On Disk (code 1801)

Description Value
Issue ID 1801
Issue Class Error

Issue Description

Error message: There is Not Enough Space on Disk

To perform MS SQL database backups, MSP™ (CloudBerry) Backup uses native SQL backup functionality. Within this framework, temporary files are stored in the default folder C:\ProgramData\CloudBerryLab\CloudBerry Backup\MSSQL and are automatically purged once backup is completed successfully.

Due to this framework, the application needs enough free space on the instance to prepare data for transmission to cloud storage.

Once this error message occurs during MS SQL backups, it means you do not have enough free space for MS SQL backup temporary files on your drive.

Resolve the Issue

To resolve this issue, you can either free some additional disk space on your volume (C: by default) or change SQL temp file location.

To Change the Temporary Folder

  1. In the Tools menu, select Options.
  2. Switch to Advanced tab.
  3. in the Temporary folder field, specify the temporary folder for MS SQL temporary files, or click ... to specify it via the standard Windows browse menu.

  1. Click OK.