Unsupported Symbols in Filenames (code 3009)

Description Value
Issue ID 3009
Issue Class Error


Upon a backup plan execution, the following error occurs: Unsupported symbols in filenames.


Filenames in backup source contain unsupported symbols by the cloud storage. They may differ depending on which cloud provider is used.


There are several basic methods to solve the issue.

Exclude Files Containing Unsupported Symbols

You can make exclusions immediately. To open the dialog box, click Exclude from the backup plan files containing unsupported symbols. Once you are done, click OK.

To Exclude Files Later

  1. Open your backup plan, then click Edit.
  2. Follow the backup wizard to the Advanced Filter step.
  3. Open the backup source and find which files contain unsupported symbols in filenames. Different storage providers have various restrictions. Refer to the particular article, depending on your storage provider:
  1. In the Do not back up files field, specify files with unsupported symbols.
  2. Once you are done, click Next.
  3. Follow the backup wizard steps to save the backup plan.

Use Image-based Backup Type Instead of File-level Backup

To learn more about the image-based backup, refer to the Image-Based Backup section of the help documentation.

Rename Files Containing Unsupported Symbols

Renaming files with unsupported symbols can appear as the easiest solution to this issue.

Note that unsupported symbols are storage-sensitive

To learn more about different storage limitations:

Archive Files Containing Unsupported Symbols

  1. Open your backup plan, then click Edit.
  2. Check the location of your backup source.
  3. Open the backup source location.
  4. Using any of archive tools, make an archive (a bundle of archives) and name them using regular symbols.
  5. Edit your backup plan and modify the backup source by substituting folders with files with unsupported symbols in filenames with archives.
  6. Save changes.