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When you add an Azure VM account under your MBS control panel you need add your Azure Portal credentials by hitting on “Sign in” button. Then you should be able to choose your Tenant ID and Subscription. But by some reasons you get an error from Azure “Sorry, but we’re having trouble signing you in. We received a bad request”.

Suggestions and Resolutions

Commonly, it’s connected with the fact that you trying to authorize under user who is not able to get access to your subscriptions/services. According to our recommendations, for proceed with Azure VM restore you need to have working or school account type. Working or school account have 2 types of users:

  • Domain or created users
  • Invited users

Invited users do not have the rights to proceed with Azure VM restore.

By following the steps below, in the end, you will be able to set up an Azure VM account and continue with restore.

First of all you need to create a user

  • Under your Azure Portal navigate to Azure Active Directory -> then Domain Names and copy on of the existing domain name

Once you copied/decided to which domain you will add a new user, navigate to Users and Groups section -> All Users -> Add user.

Create the user, configure all fields. User name is the identifier that the user enters to sign in to Azure AD. If you see the password during the user configuration - it means that you are creating the “School or Working” account in your domain.

Copy your initial password. You will need it later. The initial password have to be changed on your first logon.

Then we need to assign a right subscription to this new user:

  • Go to subscriptions;
  • Select one that you decided to use for your Azure VM.

  • Then Access Control (IAM);
  • Add the new user to a certain subscription.

Select a role with the certain rights that enough for Azure VM creation.

Once you selected the role, select the user that you recently created

Then you need to log out and log in by using the credentials for newly created user and change the initial password

Eventually, you need to create your Azure VM account under your MBS control panel. During the signing in you should enter the credentials for user that have been created during the previous steps.

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