Specified Credentials Are Invalid On Google Cloud Backup (code: 3020)

Description Value
Issue ID 3020
Issue Class Error

Issue Description

This error occurs on Google Cloud backup plans in case the backup source contains file names with "%" symbol in case you are using acc

Resolve the Issue

  1. In any file manager, open the CloudBerry Backup folder. By default, the path is c:\ProgramData\CloudBerryLab\CloudBerry Backup.
  2. Find the enginesettings.list file.
  3. Open it to edit with any of text editors. For example, use Notepad.
  4. Find the ChunkTransparency parameter, then set it to false.

  1. Save the enginesettings.list file.

Also, try to use the service account or OAuth instead of access/secret pair. To do this, in storage accounts select the required Google cloud account, then in Authentication drop-down menu, select the Service Account item. Specify the service account credentials, then click OK.