Nodeps installation of CBL for Linux

With CloudBerry Backup for Linux you can backup files to the number of cloud storage solutions, to the local storage and keep the needed retention policy of files and folders. MSP360 (CloudBerry) Backup for Linux can be installed without UI. However, but you may face the GL dependencies request which you need to either skip or satisfy.

How to skip GL dependencies for Linux CLI installation (CloudBerry).

There is no problem to install them, but you probably don’t need them (if they are related to GL => graphic interface of your Linux / Unix). So to save time and install the CBL product, run the following command:

sudo rpm -i rh6.rpm --nodeps

  • nodeps flag just ignores all dependencies (so it is important if you make sure you have them related to graphic interface only!);

  • rh6.rpm - is one of the build for RedHat from CloudBerry Lab for Linux page.