Opening ports for Web Access

Opening ports for Web Access

CloudBerry Backup for macOS & Linux enables users to access the app via a web interface. This feature is primarily used by Linux users that have a "headless" distro and want to manage CloudBerry Backup. The web interface can be accessed at http://ipaddress:port or https://ipaddress:port, depending on the specified protocol.

The default ports for web access are 43210 and 43211 for HTTP and HTTPS, respectively. Our customers, however, report that these ports are in some cases closed and therefore inaccessible. To solve the issue, it is required to open those ports in the firewall configuration settings. Ubuntu and OpenSuse, for example, have their firewalls disabled by default. Other distros may have them enabled, and you should therefore look up how to open said ports on your Linux.

Alternatively, if the ports are reserved for a specific purpose, you can specify other ports. You can do that by running the following commands in terminal:

cd Applications/CloudBerry\
./cbb option -set wa -http on -http_port openPortNumber
./cbb option -set wa -https on -https_port openPortNumber

Don't forget that the first 1000 ports are reserved for system applications.

After that, the web interface should be accessible.