Cannot Back Up Disk(-s) (code 1711)


A backup plan terminates with the following error: Cannot back up disk(-s). Disks (volumes) cannot be backed up. The following volumes {n} are BitLocker-encrypted


One of the volumes specified as a backup source in the backup plan that reproduced this error was encrypted with BitLocker between backup plan runs.


Specify Correct BitLocker Settings

To make sure you have the correct settings, view the backup plan that produced this error. To do this:

  1. Open the plan and click Edit.

  1. Follow the backup wizard to the Select Partitions step.

If you have BitLocker-encrypted volumes, the Keep BitLocker check box is cleared by default. If you select this check box, the BitLocker-encrypted volume will be backed up as is.

For volumes that are not BitLocker-Encrypted, the option is unavailable.

If you leave the Keep BitLocker check box cleared, the volume will be backed up unlocked.

Note that unlock does not happen automatically, MSP360 Backup only checks the volume state. You have to unlock the volume on the Windows side

  1. Once you are done with BitLocker settings, follow the backup wizard steps to the end to save the configuration of the backup plan.

Remove the BitLocker-Encrypted Partitions from the Backup Plan

To remove the partition that was encrypted with BitLocker, edit the plan as it was described in the Specify Correct BitLocker Settings paragraph, follow the backup wizard to the Select Partitions step, then deselect the partition that was displayed in the error.