Restore Verification Is Timed Out (code 2009)


An image-based backup plan or restore verification run from the context menu terminates with the following warning: Restore Verification is timed out. Restore verification cannot be completed. Operation is timed out


This warning occurs when the Restore Verification lasts longer than the specified maximum duration time.


To solve the issue, try to extend the maximum duration time of Restore Verification. To do this:

  1. Edit the image-based backup plan that produced this error.
  2. Follow the Backup Wizard steps to the Consistency Check and Restore Verification step.
  3. Click Advanced Settings.

  1. In the Report Failure if it is not detected field, specify the new value for maximum Restore Verification duration.
  2. Follow the Backup Wizard steps to the end to save the backup plan configuration, then run the backup plan again.