Nothing To Restore (code 2010)


A file restore plan terminates with one of the following warnings:

  • Nothing to restore. Files to restore already exist on restore destination
  • Nothing to restore. No items to restore found


The main causes of this error occurrence are:

  • Files and folders to restore (restore dataset) already exist on the restore destination, specified in the restore plan, and the 'Overwrite existing files' option is switched off
  • No data that meets the restore plan configuration is present on backup storage


If you want to restore files regardless of their presence on the target restore destination, enable the Overwrite existing files option. To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. Edit the required restore plan.
  2. Follow the restore wizard step to the Destination step.
  3. Select the Overwrite existing files check box.

  1. Follow the restore wizard to the end to save the restore plan configuration.
  2. Run the restore plan again.