Limitations on restoring an Image-based backup to Amazon EC2

General contstraints

We use AWS VMimport service to import computer images to AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).

VMimport limitations:

  1. First generation VMs are supported (MBR)
  2. Second generation VMs (UEFI/GPT) are not natively supported and should be converted with our tool.
  3. Server OS is supported when restoring to EC2, Desktop OS could be restored as AMI only. Read more
  4. Max number of volumes is more than 22.
  5. Disk size is limited to 2TiB. Check this article. Although it describes 1TB, the limit has been shifted since then.
  6. IPv6 is not supported.

Check here for other limitations.

To do

  1. Ensure that your VM is compatible with EC2. Check here for details.
  2. Create VMimport role in your AWS account.

Changes applied to a machine that is being restored as EC2/AMI

  1. RDP is enabled.
  2. DHCP is enabled.
  3. Firewall is configured to bypass Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) on port 3389.

Other considerations

Restore time heavily depends on the instance type (and especially temp instance size if such is used).

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