Data Parts Missing (code 2501)


A backup plan terminates with the following warning: Data part sizes do not match. Data part sizes on backup storage do not match original size values for restore point: (restore point name). This restore point and all following restore points may not be restored properly. A full backup was executed and a new generation was created


This warning is generated by a mandatory consistency check that is performed at each start of the backup plan. Consistency check detected that sizes of some data parts on backup storage differ from their original values in the current generation (a chain of full and subsequent incremental backups). The restore point with data part size discrepancies is displayed in the warning message and is marked as invalid along with all following restore points in this generation.


No action is required. If a mandatory consistency check detects data part size discrepancies on backup storage, it invokes full backup automatically. You can delete invalid restore points manually in order to use reasonably the space on backup storage.