S3 Transfer Acceleration Error (code 3011)


A backup plan terminates with the following error: S3 Transfer Acceleration is not configured for this bucket.


The Use S3 transfer acceleration option is enabled in the backup plan while the same setting is not enabled in the S3 bucket.


Enable S3 Transfer Acceleration in Bucket

To use S3 transfer acceleration back again, enable this feature.

Note: to work with transfer acceleration, the target bucket name must conform to DNS naming requirements and must not contain periods (".")

Transfer Acceleration must be enabled on the bucket. After enabling the Transfer Acceleration on a bucket it might take up to 20 minutes before the data transfer speed to the bucket increases.

To access the bucket that is enabled for Transfer Acceleration, you must use the following endpoint: bucketname.s3-accelerate.amazonaws.com or the dual-stack endpoint bucketname.s3-accelerate.dualstack.amazonaws.com to connect to the enabled bucket over IPv6.

You must be the bucket owner to set the transfer acceleration state. The bucket owner can assign permissions to other users to allow them to set the acceleration state on a bucket. The s3:PutAccelerateConfiguration permission permits users to enable or disable Transfer Acceleration on a bucket. The s3:GetAccelerateConfiguration permission permits users to return the Transfer Acceleration state of a bucket, which is either Enabled or Suspended. For more information about these permissions, refer to Example — Bucket Subresource Operations paragraph.

There are several ways to enable S3 transfer acceleration:

  • Using Amazon S3 console
  • Using the REST API
  • Using the AWS CLI

Using Amazon S3 Console

  1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the Amazon S3 console at https://console.aws.amazon.com/s3/.
  2. In the Buckets list, select the bucket that you want to enable transfer acceleration for.
  3. Click Properties.
  4. Under Advanced settings, select Transfer acceleration.
  5. Select Enabled, then click Save.

Endpoint displays the transfer acceleration endpoint for your bucket. You use this endpoint to access accelerated data transfers to and from your bucket. If you suspend transfer acceleration, the accelerate endpoint no longer works

Using the REST API

To modify S3 transfer acceleration settings, use PutBucketAccelerateConfiguration operation.

To learn more about this operation, refer to the article Put Bucket Accelerate Configuration at docs.aws.amazon.com.

Using the AWS CLI

To learn how to modify S3 transfer acceleration, refer to the AWS Command Line Interface Documentation section at docs.aws.amazon.com.

Disable S3 Transfer Acceleration in Plan

If you do not need the S3 Transfer Acceleration option, disable it.

  1. Find the backup plan that produced this error and edit it.
  2. Follow the backup wizard to the Compression and Encryption step, then unselect the Use S3 Transfer Acceleration check box.