Checkpoint Creation Failed (code 1915)


A Hyper-V backup plan finishes with the following error: WMI error. Checkpoint creation failed


This error may have several reasons (they are described below in the Solution paragraph):

  • Cluster Service is disabled on guest VM
  • SQL VSS Writer on guest VM is in a non-retriable state or rejects events
  • Internal VM issues preventing from creating a snapshot which may be reflected in VM event logs (for example, stuck COM+Event system/VSS services)


For Hyper-V Cluster Backup plans

If the backup plan that produces this error includes a Hyper-V cluster, check if the Cluster service is running on the guest VM.

In an elevated PowerShell prompt, execute:

Get-VM | Format-List Name, ID

Find the name of the failed VM to learn its ID. Once you have the failed VM ID (VM_ID in the example below), open the PowerShell prompt again and execute:

Icacls "[path_to_virtual_machine_xml_files]\[VM_ID].xml" /grant "NT VIRTUAL MACHINE[VM_ID]:(OI)F"

If the issue persists, try to create checkpoints for a virtual machine that fails using the Hyper-V manager, manually. In this case, the probable issue cause may be the lack of VM/HDD IOPS capacities.