Files in Long-term Storage Were Detected (code 1532)


A backup plan finishes with the following error: Files in long-term storage were detected. Current generation files were detected in long-term storage


This error appears in cases when some files required to be in hot access tiers are in long-term storage (for example, S3 Glacier-Flexible Retrieval storage class). This usually happens due to the lifecycle policy settings when data is moved to the long-term tiers automatically after the specified keeping period.

Forever Forward Incremental is not supported if some data is in long-term storage.


To avoid such situations, check your lifecycle rules in the storage account.

For AWS S3, proceed as follows:

  1. Click Tools.
  2. Click Lifecycle Rules.
  3. Select the storage account that is specified in the backup plan that produced the error.
  4. Unselect the required check box on the bucket or the backup prefix to unapply lifecycle rules.

  1. Click OK.

If you use Microsoft Azure as the backup storage, refer to the Configure a lifecycle management policy chapter to learn how to modify the lifecycle policy for your backup destination