Restore Points Creation Time Mismatch (code 2525)


A backup plan finishes with the following error: Restore points creation time mismatch. Could not create the new restore point: the current system time precedes the previous restore point creation time with the difference: N h M min


This error appears in cases when the system time of the last backup plan execution somehow is earlier than the system time the previous restore point was created on backup storage. It is impossible to create a new restore point with a timestamp that precedes the last restore point on backup storage. This may happen due to time zone changes or some wrong time settings.


The easiest solution is just to wait for the period stated in the error message and execute the backup plan after it expires. If you have a schedule configured for the backup plan, check the time of the next backup plan execution, most probably, it will be beyond the waiting period stated in the error message.

If the period stated in the error message is suspiciously long, check your system time settings and correct them.