Backup Agent Auto-Update

Managed Backup offers an automatic update feature for Backup Agent instances. Nevertheless, the automatic update has several limitations.

Plan Your Schedule for Auto-Update

Any plan regardless its type (backup plan, restore plan or consistency check) calls an auto-update service that checks if any new versions are available. In case there is new version, Backup Agent is updated automatically, then the plan starts.

If another plan is running at the time of auto-update, the auto-update will be ignored.

In case you have a tight schedule or long backup chains that imply that there is no time when Backup Agent is silent, it may lead to a situation when auto-update will not be executed.

Mind to change your schedule to avoid these situations.

Real-Time Backup and Auto-Update

Note that in case some of your backup plans have the real-time backup option enabled, an auto-update job will suspend these plans for the time of the update. Once the update is finished, these plans will be back to work normally (scan for the new object in every 15 minutes).