Error: License not verified! product can't backup now


MSP360 (CloudBerry) Backup for Linux comes with a command line interface (CLI) that allows customers to configure file-level backup for Linux content (i.e. files & directories). CLI is a tool for operating the entire backup ecosystem. It allows: configuring an account, activating license, creating and managing plans. Managed Backup edition needs to be hooked to a certain user first and then activated. So, if you missed the first step and trying to activate your license you are going to see the following error message:

cbb activateLicense -e -t
online Backup Command Line Interface started
error: License not verified! product can't backup now


In order to resolve the issue you need to go through the following steps:

  • Link your copy of the downloaded product (from Managed Backup) to an existing user
  • Activate either a commercial or trial license.
cbb addAccount -e -p Password -ssl yes|no

This will link your software to the appropriate account in MBS. The next step is to activate the license.

If you have a commercial license granted to the user, run the following command:

cbb activateLicense -e -k

Alternatively, you can request a 15-day trial using the following syntax:

cbb activateLicense -e -t