Clarifying Transaction ID For a License Purchase


After an MSP360 product or service license is purchased, you receive a purchase confirmation email containing a receipt/invoice from one of our payment processing partners - Fastspring or Digital River.

Please keep that information intact and easily available to you, as it is required for identity confirmation when dealing with security-sensitive issues such as two-factor authentication reset, IP whitelisting reset, or backup encryption password deciphering.


When the transaction ID is requested in a support case, please check your email inbox and locate the Fastspring or Digital River invoice for your corresponding MSP360 or CloudBerry Lab product or service license purchase.

Open the invoice letter and find the order ID (could be also labeled or referred to as transaction ID or TX ID):

Copy that ID fully and provide it to the support case for identity confirmation.

In case you are about to open a support case on one of the above-mentioned issues, it would be appreciated if the transaction ID will be provided right in the opening message so that the support case can advance faster to its resolution.