Changing Backup Agent Editions in Bulk

In some cases, you may need to change Backup Agent editions on multiple computers. Follow the instructions described in this article to learn how to save your time using new Managed Backup features for changing Backup Agent editions.

Change Backup Agent Editions Using RMM Service

The RMM Service provides the functionality of simultaneous RMM Agent installation to multiple computers. An installed RMM Agent is needed for remote PowerShell cmdlet execution.

To change Backup Agent edition on multiple computers, proceed as follows:

Install the RMM Agent on Multiple Computers

To learn how to install the RMM Agent on multiple computers, refer to the RMM Agent Installation on Multiple Computers paragraph of the Install RMM Agent chapter of the Managed Backup help documentation.

Install the PowerShell Module

To learn how to install the PowerShell module, refer to the Getting Started chapter of the Managed Backup help documentation.

Change Edition Using cmdlet

Run the following cmdlet: Set-MBSAgentSetting

For example, to change the edition to the Desktop on, run the cmdlet with the following parameter: Set-MBSAgentSetting -Edition desktop

To learn more about the cmdlet, refer to the Set-MBSAgentSetting

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