Restoration of an image-based backup to Amazon EC2 or Microsoft Azure VM platform initiated from the MSP portal (Computers -> Restore to Cloud) encounters an error that requires a deeper investigation (as specifically requested by the MSP360 support).


Move the EC2/Azure VM restore task from the MSP portal level to the Backup agent software level for better logging.

  1. Proceed to the MSP portal -> Settings -> Global Agent Options and ensure that the corresponding option is enabled. Enable this option if it is not enabled and save your changes:

  1. Launch the Backup agent software on the machine that performed the initial backup (in case it is available), or on another machine while logged in as the MBS user who performed the initial backup.

Ensure that the storage account containing the backup is configured with the name of the backup source machine as a prefix:

  1. Turn on high logging in the Backup agent options:

  1. Use one of the following options to create and launch the same restore task (restore plan) as the one that was attempted through the MSP portal prior:

Make sure that the machine has a robust and stable network connection for this task.

  1. In case the issue with a restore plan reappears, please provide the diagnostic data to the support team:

That way the support team will be able to thoroughly study the issue with detailed diagnostic data at hand and provide the most relevant assistance.